EXCLUSIVE Interview with Drew Pearson

While I was at the Children’s Cancer Fund luncheon, I had a list of questions for each Cowboys player that I knew would be in attendance. Drew Pearson was not one of them, but when I saw him walk in and sit down to eat his mustard-covered hot dog, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go over and talk with him. When I got to the table where he was seated alone, I asked if I could ask him some question later on. Drew wiped his mouth and said, “Why don’t you just do it now?” and gestured toward the seat next to him. I gladly sat down and pulled out my recorder. The questions that I asked were rushed and unprepared, but Mr. Pearson handled it like a pro and answered every one of them beautifully. To find out what he had to say about Dez Bryant’s leadership and Tony Romo’s back, keep reading…


JORDAN ROSS: So how did you get involved with the Children’s Cancer Fund?

DREW PEARSON: I’ve been involved since day one. I just try to make myself available because of the cause. I’m a little sensitive to anything to do with cancer since I lost three family members to the deadly disease. I know how it affects adults, but when you see how it affects children it makes you cringe. So anytime you can step up and help out, you want to do that.

JORDAN ROSS: Do you work with any other organizations or charities?

DREW PEARSON: Yeah. I do a lot with Make-A-Wish foundation during the holiday season. I do some charity work through the Drew Pearson show, what you can check out at DrewPearsonShow.com or via YouTube. We did 88 days of giving where we fed 88 different families from Thanksgiving to Christmas through Albertson’s. This is just one of the many charities that I work with.

JORDAN ROSS: With Tony coming off his back injury and getting up there in age, do you still believe in his ability to play at a high level and potentially lead his team to a championship?

DREW PEARSON: He better because he’s all we’ve got (laughs). I think his back injury isn’t as serious as some fans think it is. Tony was having back problems last year as well, but if Jerry was willing to give him that kind of money and put that kind of stock in him then he must know more than we know. So hopefully that is the case. I think he’ll be ready. He seems to be moving around well, attending basketball games and stuff. So that’s a good sign. Being the veteran that he is, he knows exactly what he needs to do to get ready. Now, he does have a new offensive coordinator in Linehan, but it’s pretty much the same system. It’s just a matter of rehabbing and refining his skills, getting used to his young receivers. No more miles Austin, so he’ll also have to get used to life without him.

JORDAN ROSS: Speaking of Miles being gone, do you think Dez is ready to step up and become the veteran leader among the wide receivers on this team?

DREW PEARSON: Yeah he’s ready. He’s ready to go. He’s been ready. He’s just got to be able to have the same emotions at the end of the game that he brings to the beginning of the game. Sometimes he has a tendency to wain throughout the game. As a receiver, that tends to happen because you want at least one ball thrown to you in every series. And if it doesn’t come 3 or 4 series in a row, you have a tendency to lose a little of that mental and emotional edge. If he wants to be ‘the guy’ he needs to be mentally and emotionally ready to play all 4 quarters.

JORDAN ROSS: When Dez gets upset and screams on the sideline, I feel like a lot of fans mistake that for selfishness when it’s really just Dez showing his passion for the game.

DREW PEARSON: Yeah, that’s all it is. And as long as he shows his passion in a constructive way, he’ll be okay. But when that passion becomes an “I” thing instead of an “us” thing, then you’ve got a problem. With Dez though, I think he’s just like Michael Irvin. Michael would do his little rants on the sideline, and so would I. Of course I had to be a little more in control because Tom Landry didn’t play that. With him watching, you couldn’t be yelling at Roger Staubach, so I had to suppress a lot my emotions. I think Dez and Michael are a lot a like as players. Michael brought a different style than mine, and Dez’s style is pretty much the same as Michael’s. Regardless of what your style is, when you wear #88 you’ve got to be extremely productive, and that’s what Dez is going to be.


Thank you, Mr. Pearson, for your kindness and professionalism. You definitely made the day of a young sports writer trying to pave his own way. #Original88